Ashley Plantation Carved Wood Signs

Ashley Plantation’s Sandblasted Signs Get Refurbished

Sandblasted signs are no doubt durable and look amazing … until … they don’t.  After many years of wear and weather, the carved wood signs that adorn the entrance to Ashley Plantation looked a bit tired.

No worries.  The good news about these type of signs is that they can nearly always be refurbished back to new.  And at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace them.

Take a look at these before and afters!  What a difference a little TLC can make (hover over image to see transformation).

Sandblasted sign for Ashley Plantation gets refurbishedAshley Plantation Wooden Sign gets makover
Ashley Plantation Sandblasted Sign - beforeAshley Plantation's Wooden Sign - After

What’s involved to refurbish a sandblasted sign?

An initial inspection starts the process.  It’s important to make sure the structural integrity of the wooden sign is sound. Most often the core of the sign is in good shape. The signs are removed from their mount and taken to the sandblasting area of our shop.  After a good cleaning, redefinition of the letters and shapes is done via a light sandblast treatment.  The sign is painted (with previous or new colors) and then our team returns to install the signs.

Can all carved wood signs be refurbished?

Most of the time we find that a sign can be refurbished to it’s original condition.  Of course, harsh environmental conditions, accidental damage, or vandalism are factors that may impact the ability for us to make your signs look new again.  But we’ll certainly be able to assess that during the initial inspection.   Learn more about refurbishing sandblasted signs from this blog post. 

Ashley Plantation Wooden Sign gets makover

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