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Your exterior building signs are often the first impression of your company.  Giving the right impression makes the difference between slow business and booming business.  There’s more to good exterior business signage and building signs than nicely arranged colors and letters. In fact, there’s a great deal more.

A good exterior building sign starts with knowing the critical elements that must be considered in the design.  Where will your outdoor building signs be located?  How fast traffic is moving by?  Does lighting need to be considered?   How conspicuous do the exterior signs need to be?  What angle does the signage need to be for best visibility? What are the local restrictions for signage in your area?  There are many elements to consider and it can be complex.  Your sign must grab attention from the intended audience whether they are going by at 45 MPH, it is a bright sunny day, rainy cloud cover, or dark of night.

You want to choose professionals with extensive experience in design, fabrication, and installation of building and business signage.  Contact Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp for exterior building signage that will endure the test of time and weather without breaking the bank.  You may also find our recent blog article on choosing the right outdoor sign helpful.

Types of Building Signage

Sandblasted Signs  ♦  Monument Signs  ♦  Dimensional Signs  ♦  Channel Lettering  ♦  Aluminum Signs  ♦  Box Lighted Signs  ♦  Custom Cut MDO Signs  ♦  Acrylic Exterior Signs

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