Key Questions about Monument Signs

Frequently Asked Questions about Monument Signs

Monument signs are a truly custom made sign.  Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp designs, fabricates, installs, and repairs monument signs for many of the Roanoke Valley’s leading businesses.  Here are some of the questions most frequently asked about monument signs from our customers.

What exactly defines a monument sign?

You likely seem them all around the valley.  It is a very broad term, but generally implies a larger free-standing sign structure in front of a building or business location.

What size can a monument sign be?

Monument signs are completely custom and can, generally, be any size you would like.  Some cities, counties, and communities do place restrictions on size either for traffic safety, zoning, or aesthetic reasons.  So it’s important that you or your custom sign shop check on any ordinances in place regarding monument sign sizes.

What materials are used for monument signs?

A monument sign has two components:  1) the signage itself; and 2) the platform the sign is anchored to. These two parts of the sign can be made from different materials.  However, the most common materials for both are metal, wood, brick, stone, or ridged foam.

How long will a monument sign last?

The longevity of a monument sign will depend of the materials it is made of with metal, stone, or brick being the most durable.

Can my old monument sign be repaired?

Oftentimes a monument sign can be repaired; however, it completely depends on the type of sign, how it was installed, and the amount of disrepair.  Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp will be happy to do an inspection and provide an estimate for repairing your monument sign or investment needed to replace it.

What regulations do I need to be aware of with monument signs?

Frankly, there can be a lot of issues to consider and if you don’t take the regulations into consideration, you may waste a lot of money to have your sign redone.  Some restriction include size, set backs from road frontage or property lines, illumination, and some areas have covenants regarding the style or look a monument sign can be.

How much does it cost to get a monument sign for my business?

Pricing for a monument sign varies a great deal.  Factors impacting price include material, size, installation site and difficulty of installation process.  In some cases large equipment, such as a crane, may be needed, which adds to the cost as well.

How long does it take to get a monument sign installed?

Design, fabrication, and installation of a monument sign can take from three weeks to several months.  Factors include materials used, permits required, and inspections needed.

Browse through some of the monument signs we have installed and learn more at Custom Monument Signs.

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