Tips for Ordering Interior Directory Signs

Interior directory signs are used for multi-tenant buildings and typically placed at entrances to the building, adjacent to elevators,  and often at the top or bottom of stairways.

Options to Consider

There are many options to consider when ordering interior directory signs.  Which options are best for your building depends on number of tenants, frequency of changes, and desired style you are looking for. Whether you are new to the process or it’s been a while since you’ve done so, here’s a good list of things to keep in mind.

  • Changeable – This is the first thing for you to consider when ordering your directory.  Directories can be stationay or changeable.  A changeable sign does cost a bit more but total cost of over the long run will be lower since you can simply change information for a single tenant versus the entire sign.   We offer directory change out services for keeping your directory up to date with your latest tenants or you can make your own changes.
  • Material – Stationary interior directories can be made of aluminum, plastic, or brass plate.  Typically a digital print with your directory information will be applied to the surface of the material.  Changeable interior directories are either acrylic panels with Lexan inserts or steel panels with magnetic tenant plates.  Each tenant is listed on individual Lexan inserts or magnetic plates. As tenants change, the single insert or plate can easily and cost effectively be changed.
  • Size and Color – All interior directories are custom made and can be ordered to any size and any color.  Generally, the larger the building and more individual suites, the larger the directory will need to be.
  • Mounting – Interior directories are mounted directly to the wall. Heavy grade screws are used to fasten the directory to the wall and then hidden with a header plate.  Most of our customers use our installation services for this; however, smaller directories can be self-installed.
  • Expected Life – Interior directories do not wear out with typical use.  Customers usually do not change out the entire directory unless they need a larger size or different style interior directory.
  • Tenant List – Most directories list tenants in floor and suite order.  However, it is also considered acceptable to list tenants in alphabetical order.
  • Price – Since all interior directories are custom made, there is no fixed price, rather each one is custom quoted.    To enable our team to provide a quote we need to know the following key elements:
    • Preference to stationary or changeable interior directory
    • If changeable, how often are changes anticipated
    • Will customer make the changes or should we include change services in quote
    • Number of tenants or suites in the building
    • Desired color scheme
    • Preference for overall style or look
    • Number of interior directory locations needed

Visit our gallery of interior directory signs and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or would like our help with your interior directory signage.