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Can I refurbish a sandblasted sign?

A sandblasted sign is very durable and typically last many years.  However there does come a time when sandblasted signs look tired.  Since these are often used outdoor and the first impression of your business, it’s important for your sandblasted signs to look great. 


We are often asked if sandblasted signs can it be refurbished.   Below are the typical questions about refurbishing a sandblasted sign. We hope you’ll find it helpful.  Contact us if you have other questions or would like to explore refurbishing your sandblasted sign.


Sandblasted signs can indeed be refurbished.  It can be quite cost effective to refurbish an old or damaged refurbished sign.  Whether this is the right option depends on the extent of the damage.  Generally painting is not an issue, assuming the paint is simply faded.  However replacing letters, filling in large cracks, or correcting the warp to a sign can be more expensive than replacing the old sign with a new sandblasted one.  It’s always best to get a recommendation on your specific sign.


What type of damage is more easy to repair? 

If the colors on the sandblasted sign have faded, it can be quite simple for us to brighten it up with a new coat of paint.  If the sign was painted with a good quality paint originally, it will save a lot of money to refurbish your existing sign with new paint.   If the paint on your sandblasted sign is visibly peeling, the original paint must be removed by hand before it can be repainted.


If your sign has small cracks or nicks, it is usually easy to repair.  Large cracks, missing pieces, and warped signs are labor intense and drive up the cost of refurbishing and may make refurbishing the sign impossible.


How long will a refinished sandblasted sign last?  

Generally you can expect the refurbished sign to last 10 to  12 years, depending on care and direct sun exposure.


What’s involved to refurbish a sandblasted sign? 

If your sign is in good shape, we may just need to give it a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint.  More extensive repairs involve completely sanding the sign and perhaps scraping the paint from the background and around all the letters and detail.  If there are any nicks or cuts, we fill those  with a filling agent and then sand to make them appear to be part of the original sign.  We may also need to hand carve new letters or logo pieces if those are missing.  Once everything is repaired, sanded, and cleaned, we apply a base primer coat and then hand paint per color until the sign is complete. 


Can the colors be changed during refinishing?   

Typically a sign is refurbished using the original colors; however, it may be possible to change the colors on the sign.  Changing colors requires more sanding, is more labor intensive and therefore costs more.


Are there certain type of sandblasted signs (or certain conditions) that do NOT enable it to be refinished?

It’s possible to refurbish any sandblasted sign.  The challenge is that sometimes that is not the most economical solution. 


What’s the average price to refurbish a sandblasted sign? 

Each refurbishing project must be custom quoted.  The price will vary depending on the size of the sign, number of colors, single or double sided, and extent of the damage.  


Is it refurbished on site or does it need to be uninstalled? 

While it is possible to refurbish a sign onsite, we prefer to bring it to our shop where we are better able to control the painting conditions and make the repairs.  A sign refurbished onsite typically requires a longer process and the finish may not be optimum.   


We hope this has been helpful.  Learn more about our sandblasted signs at this link and reach out if we can help refurbish your sandblasted signs.

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