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Fleet vehicle advertising demands a partner that can provide professional care of all the vehicles carrying your brand image. Consistent design and application of fleet vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, and fleet lettering is critical.

Blue Ridge Sign and Stamp has proven, successful experience in managing the fleet wraps and fleet graphics of car, truck and van commercial fleet vehicles.  We provide full fleet services including: design, application, quick service as new additions join the fleet, repair or replacement to graphics damaged in the field, and removal or replacement of worn graphics within the fleet.  Browse our fleet examples and contact us for a quote.

A full coverage vehicle wrap includes wrapping the sides, back and hood of your vehicle with a fully printed vinyl graphic. When we talk about a full wrap, generally you will not see any of the original paint on the vehicle, except on the roof, unless requested otherwise. If you do not want to fully cover your entire vehicle, we can also do a partial wrap (covering less than 100% of your vehicle) or standard vehicle graphics (adding logos, web sites, services, etc to your vehicle).

A vehicle wrap has three components – wrap design, wrap graphics, and wrap installation.  The cost associated with each of these varies depending on the type of wrap (full or partial vehicle wrap), the complexity of design desired, and the type of vehicle being wrapped.  Contact us to get a detailed quote.

Sometimes we can give you a ballpark range over the phone or through email if we know what type of vehicle you have and how much of the vehicle you would like to cover. However, this is not an exact estimate and may change once we see your vehicle. To get an exact quote, you will need to bring your vehicle by our office for measurements and to better discuss your graphic ideas. This process take approx. 20 – 30 minutes.

Most customers’ wraps will last 3 – 5 years, depending on how you take care of your wrap.

We do remove wraps, both vehicles we have wrapped and vehicles that have been wrapped by other companies. Generally we need 2 -3 days to unwrap a vehicle, depending on size.

The wrap itself does not damage paint. The damage comes when we try to remove a wrap or tape from a vehicle with a poor paint job. If we notice any peeling or flaking paint on your vehicle, we always let you know before installing your graphics. However, we cannot always tell when applying your graphics if there is a problem with your paint. About 90% of our customers never have a problem with peeling paint or vehicle damage. That being said, we can make no guarantee about the condition of your vehicle once your graphics are removed.

The two best ways to prevent damage to your wrap are keeping your vehicle washed and protecting it from the sun whenever possible. Your wrap has been treated with a UV laminate to keep your color vibrant. Without regular washings, pollutants will build up on your wrap and cause this laminate to break down more quickly. We recommend hand washing with a mild liquid detergent. Avoid high pressure car washes and never use an ice scraper on any windows with graphics. If you must use a car wash, please use brushless washes.

Wraps are guaranteed not to peel or fade out within two years of graphic application. If you do notice a problem with your wrap peeling at any point, we ask that you bring it to us as soon as possible so we may repair any small issues before they become larger issues.

To get started, we would like you to bring our vehicle by for measurements. Many times we can give a ballpark over the phone, but we always like to see the actual vehicle to provide you with a firm price.

Price quotes are generally ready within 1-3 business days, depending on your design aspects. Once you have approved your quote, we require a deposit for your art design time. The art design time will typically be between $90 – $135, however this does vary by project and you will be given an exact amount at the time of cost approval.

After we receive your deposit, our designer will begin working on your layout. Your initial layout be ready in about three business days and will be sent to you electronically. Our vehicle graphics designers will work to get your wrap designed to your specifications. The entire design process usually takes about one week  from initial concept to design approval.

When you signed off on the artwork, we will ask you to swing by our office in Roanoke to review and approve a full color sample of your vehicle wrap.  This sample will be in the actual vinyl wrap that will go on your vehicle. This ensure you are approving the design without any color distortions that can occur when viewing design on a computer monitor or paper printout.  By printing your graphic on the actual wrap vinyl for you to see, you can be assured of exactly what your wrap will look like before it is produced.

After you have signed off on your actual color sample, we begin printing your full size wrap graphics. This process takes anywhere from 7 -10 business days. At this time we will also schedule your install. We will need your vehicle in our installation facility in Roanoke, Virginia for 3-4 days depending on the size and style of your vehicle.

Yes. We need your vehicle clean before we can start wrapping. We generally recommend hand washing the vehicle or running it through a car wash the day before or morning of wrapping. If you run it though a car wash, do not add the wax feature.

A wrap is a full color rolling billboard. You can put images, pictures, and text on your wrap. Any image you can imagine, we can put on your wrap.

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