Wayfinding is another term used to describe building directories and the directional signs that comprise them. Wayfinding signage can be divided into four categories and are used in concert to assist visitors in finding their way:

  • Information: signs that assist you in locating your destination as well as orient yourself within a building or building complex
  • Directional: signs that are designed to help you navigate to your destination while letting you know your current location
  • Identification: signs that provide information about individual locations, such as offices, classrooms, departments, elevators, stairs, and restrooms
  • Warning: signs that indicate emergency exits and escape routes, no smoking, and other regulations

Designing your wayfinding signs takes all of these categories into consideration so that all of your signage is easily identifiable as well as comprehensible whether your visitors are motorists arriving by car or pedestrians walking to and through your facility. The design of your wayfinding signs may also be necessary for future expansion since your signage should be consistent throughout the building or campus.

Typeface (lettering) is an important factor in designing wayfinding signs. Consideration is given to the type design – whether the letters are easily recognizable, the spacing between the letters, the weight of the letters (think regular and bold), and the maximum and minimum height of the letters. This is done to ensure easy readability and consistency for use throughout the campus, from the parking lot or garage to department to office space.

Color contrast between background and foreground is another aspect important to the readability of your wayfinding signage. It has been determined that white lettering on a dark colored background provides optimal contrast. Color helps correlate signage with the environment in which it is posted. It is even important that the color choices be “staged” in multiple areas to determine optimum visibility and legibility at various times of the day.

Let Blue Ridge Sign and Stamp assist you with your wayfinding needs. With our knowledge and experience, we can guide you in making the best choice for wayfinding signs suited to your specific purpose. Contact us to discuss your needs.