What Type of Signs Require Permits?

What Types of Signage Require Permitting?

When planning and ordering signs for your business it’s important to understand what signs require permits or are regulated by various governing bodies. Regulations vary by locale, but below are some general guidelines for you to consider.  Need specifics for what types of signs require permits for your exact situation?  Contact us.  We have many years of experience with sign permit regulations and can answer questions for your specific building and location.

Indoor signage permit requirements

Permits are not required for interior signs.  However, if you do not own the building, your landlord may have guidelines or preferences on interior signage including style, type, and how to mount to the walls.   If you do own the building and have multiple tenants, it’s best to set some guidelines for tenants.  Establishing a relationship with a professional sign company for your tenants to use can ensure your guidelines are followed and signage is consistent throughout your building.

Outdoor signage permit requirements

Most all outdoor signs require permits.  This certainly applies to permanent outdoor signs but temporary signs such as banners often require permits too.  Permit requirements can vary significantly from county to county and even within certain zoning boundaries.   The specific type of permit you need will depend on where you are located and what type of signage you will be installing.

Permit lead time

The time it takes to get a permit for your outdoor signage can vary, but generally it takes between seven and ten days to obtain the permit.  In most cases you will need a mock-up of the signage before you apply for the permit. Also, sign fabrication cannot begin until a permit is received.  So your timeline for an outside sign should include:  sign design time (average 5 days) + your internal approval process + permitting time (average 10+ days) + fabrication time and installation (varies based on signage).  It’s important to take this additional lead time into consideration and plan accordingly so you don’t miss any critical deadlines.

Information needed to get permit

The sign permit application will vary based on your locale.  However, the information the permit office needs is generally very similar.  Have ready the following:

  • address for sign install
  • primary contact name, number, and email
  • type of sign and number of signs
  • how signs will be mounted
  • hole sizes to be dug (if necessary)
  • sign set back from road frontage
  • detailed sign drawing
  • electrical specifications (if any)

The permitting process can be a bit overwhelming and complicated if you haven’t worked through it before.  It’s best to have a professional sign company handle this process for you.     Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp has extensive experience with the outdoor sign permit process.  Contact us if you have specific questions about permit requirements that may apply for your outdoor signage.  Also learn more about outdoor signs and considerations for choosing the right type of outdoor signs.

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